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Best Dog Breeds for Your Apartment

Thinking about adopting a dog? If you didn't already know, we are a pet friendly community; in fact, we LOVE our furry residents. We have a few restricted breeds, however, so be sure to check with us before bringing home Fido. While almost any dog can potentially make a great apartment dog, we've narrowed down the breeds that, based on generalized demeanor, will be the best fit for your apartment. Dachshunds These adorable little, hot dogs, are expert snugglers who love burrowing beneath blankets and cuddling up to their loved ones. The smallest of the hound breeds, they do enjoy a good run, but the bonus here is that with legs just a few inches long, you can give them all the toy-fetching exercise they need right in the house! Bichon Frise Fluffy, French and altogether fashionable in appearance, Bichons shed very little, though they will need regular grooming to stay kept. Energetic, loving and bright, the Bichon makes a wonderful companion. While they do enjoy a walk, they're happy to be little movie-watching couch potatoes, as well. Chinese Crested These interesting-looking little love dogs come in a powderpuff and hairless variety. The hairless are very easy to maintain, as you might imagine, though they can get cold and should own a few sweaters! Weighing up to 12 pounds, they of course need regular walks but don't require a large amount of exercise and do very well in apartments. Miniature Pinscher These dogs are like giant Dobermans that have been hit with a shrink ray! Miniature Pinschers (or Min-Pins, as they are often called) have a similar appearance to the Doberman, but are actually a distinct and older breed. Standing roughly 10in-12in tall at the shoulder, these tiny titans average out to about 11 pounds, and make wonderful watchdogs, as they're alert and suspicious. Also adorable. Shiba Inu Are you an experienced dog owner who loves taking your dog out for exercise? If so, the foxy-looking Shiba, which hails from Japan, often makes one of the best apartment dogs! Shibas have lots of energy, so if running, either in tandem or turning your pup loose at the dog park, on a daily basis sounds like you, this is definitely a breed to consider. Greyhound We know. You're probably thinking, How can these dogs, with their racing backgrounds, be one of the best dog breeds for apartments?!  But they are! Long, lanky and content to be lazy, the only thing greyhounds may demand of you is more couch space. They actually need very little exercise or grooming, and they're wonderfully easygoing and quickly trained. What's more, greyhounds are plentiful in rescues nationwide, and thus affordable to obtain. Bulldog Want a true couch potato? These wrinkly little lovers may not look like lap dogs, but as far as they're concerned, they definitely are. Quiet, friendly and loving, bulldogs enjoy a good romp, but they're fairly low-energy and very content loafing about with their loved ones . . . and a cozy apartment would suit just fine. Clipper Mill